Hyponoetics - Philosophy of Mind

NEW Hyponoetics is a new philosophy of mind postulating a fundamental unitary reality (Hyponoesis) that manifests itself in a multitude of various aspects and degrees of mind and matter (Exonoesis, Exohyle).
NEW Hyponoetics is a metaphilosophy that attempts to establish a universal framework for every conceivable theory or system of thought.
NEW Hyponoetics postulates a new mode of thinking - Paranoesis or Transrational Thinking - that enables us to access any information in the universe.
NEW Hyponoetics is NOT a religious or spiritual philosophy, but, on the contrary, advocates principles of rationality (critical thinking), philosophical atheism, humanism, and science.
NEW For a short synoptic view on Hyponoetics go to the Introduction section. A more profound elaboration of my philosophy can be found in the Essays section.

Online Book: Get a sneak preview of my upcoming book "Hyponoetics - An Integral Philosophy of Mind and Matter".

Magnum Opus: History and Critique of Analytical Reason.

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